About us

Our Story…The light bulb moment

As add2kitty.com founders we often found ourselves out of pocket when trying to collect funds for a group event or gift, the lightbulb moment came when researching sites that offered this service, with almost all crowdfunding sites focusing their service on projects we found the gap in the market, a website who focused on people like us, event organisers from everyday business that struggled to collect payments from family, friends or colleagues. Whether it be collecting for a small gift for a friend or a weekend team build add2kitty.com makes collecting funds simple.

How We Started

After talking to 100’s of event planners in small and large businesses it was soon clear that having a simple and secure way to collect party and event funds just didn’t exist, so we set about creating one, searching and finding the right partner to create branding, creating a simple website with the right functionality, research told us there is a need for a simple and fast money wallet function that offered control and service, Mangopay powers this.

What we do

Add2kitty.com is a money pot solution offering a fast, simple and secure way to collect and raise funds for group gifts and social/corporate events. Add2kitty.com gives people the opportunity to realise their events, to engage others in their ideas and share across social media.

Easy and personal

We have designed the website to be clutter free, with a simple and easy step by step process. Your kitty will be personal, you only share with people you want to contribute.

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What next?

See the example kitty, set up your kitty following the simple steps and even customise your kitty to engage your friends. Create your kitty today!


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