Creating my kitty...

What’s the minimum and maximum for a money pot?

You can create a kitty from £1 up to £2000. Any kitty with transactions over £2000 will require  ID document uploads.

See, Adding an ID document to my account.

Is it necessary to create an account?

You will need to create an account to create a kitty or to receive a kitty that has been gifted to you.

How do I Customise my money pot?

Simple, go into the settings and you will find all the settings you need to make your kitty unique and special. 

Who can see my money pot?

All kitty’ are private, only people you invite to add 2 the kitty can contribute.Copy your personalised money pot link to share.

Managing my kitty...

Can I Invite people via Whatsapp and Messenger?

We have made it easy to share with friends via Text Message, simply click share, click the green message icon and your kitty link is copied, just paste into your message and the link is shared.    

Sending a reminder to people who haven’t contributed yet?

Follow these simple steps to remind people to contribute, you can see this in you kitty settings.  

How to modify my money pot details?

You can do this in kitty settings, your can use your kitty description to add more engaging content.

Can I ask more people to contribute?

Yes, just go to invitations in settings and add an email address or share your kitty link on WhatsApp, Social Media.Find your kitty link here.

What happens if the target is not met?

Don’t worry, you can exceed or miss the target, you can still release the kitty.

Contributing to a kitty...

How do I Invite people to contribute?

In settings, you can add email addresses or simply share on social media.

How do I contribute to a money pot?

Enter the amount and click on contribute, follow the simple steps, you can contribute anything from £1 - £2000. You can enter a personal message to the recipient here to. Your payments are secure with MangoPay.

Changing the name visible on the kitty.

All visibility options are within settings. You can change the type of money pot, recipient name and personalise the name of the email/social media link.

Modifying the amount of my contribution.

If have contributed the incorrect amount, i.e. too much, please email help@add2kitty.com with the link to your kitty, the details of the error and we will correct this for you. We answer all emails within 2hrs.

My contribution was unsuccessful.

If have a problem with a contribution, please email help@add2kitty.com with the link to your kitty, the details of the error and we will investigate this for you. We answer all emails within 2hrs.

What is the maximum contribution I can make?

The maximum contribution is £2000. You can change the amount you wish to raise in your settings. You can also choose to hide the amount collected and contributors here to.

Spending my kitty...

How do I spend a kitty?

Once you have reached the end of your kitty, click on Spend Your Kitty and you can then gift it to someone or request a bank transfer, money is released within 48 hrs.

When do I enter my bank details?

You setup the details when you created a kitty, you can change these details when you request a bank transfer.

What to do if there’s money left in the kitty?

We want you to make full use of your kitty, so any balance transfer or gift will be for the full amount collected (a 5% fee is collected on withdrawal of the kitty)

Can I gift the kitty to anyone?

This is the nice bit, simply click on spend kitty, select give the kitty. All you need to do is enter their email address and name and we do the rest with a lovely email.  

When will the transfer money arrive?

We try to be as fast as possible, we know that collecting for these events can be so last minute so we aim for a few hours, sometimes banks can take longer, usually the transfer is made within 48 hrs (working days). We will email when the transfer is made.

How do I close my kitty?

You can close a kitty at any time, in settings you will see the tab for closing your kitty, you will still be able to view the kitty but you will no longer be able to contribute, any funds collected can be released in the normal way. Click here to see spend your kitty FAQ.

Managing my account...

I forgot my password.

Don’t worry, click the forgot password link under the sign in box and you can recover your account via email confirmation.

Adding an ID document to my account.

From time to time we make requests for proof of identity, this is to help combat fraud, its simple to add your ID, click on your account name at the top of the page, click on identification documents and upload the documents.You can upload PDF, JPG and PNG formats (max 4 MB)

Changing my personal settings.

Changing your personal information is easy, click on your account name at the top of the page, click on your personal info and submit the changes you have name.

Our FEEs...

So, how much does it all cost?

We charge a small Fee of 5% to manage your kitty, we have partner sites coming soon, you will be able to spend your kitty free of charge on these sites  

Click Here for mangopay terms and conditions.

How much does it cost to create a kitty?

Its free to create and contribute to a kitty. We never charge users for contributions.Click Here for mangopay terms and conditions.  

How much does it cost to contribute to a kitty?

Its free to create and contribute to a kitty. We never charge users for contributions.Click Here for mangopay terms and conditions.

How much does a bank transfer cost?

We collect a 5% fee for releasing the kitty, this is the total charge for back transfer and managing your kitty.    

Click Here for mangopay terms and conditions.


Is it safe to pay on add2kitty.com?

Yes, the payment process is secured by 3DS Secure Payment with our partner Mango Pay, your data is protected throughout with HTTPS. We hold you details securely, we never share your information with third parties.Click Here for mangopay terms and conditions.

What to do if you suspect fraudulent activity on your bank?

If you believe your bank details have been compromised email help@add2kitty.com immediately with the following information;

  1. Provide all information possible about the fraud.
  2. Last 4 digits of your bank card.
  3. Amount debited.
  4. A copy of the bank statement, screen shot from internet banking if fine.
  5. Block the bank card if you’re certain it has been compromised.
  6. Report to the police, it may be that unauthorised transactions have taken place outside of add2kitty website.

Phishing: Beware of identity theft!

Phishing is an online identity theft technique used by fraudsters to obtain sensitive information like your username and password or bank details.Add2kitty will never contact you by phone or email with the intention of obtaining your password or bank card details.If you have any doubts stop and email help@add2kitty.com.


Do add2kitty.com handle or issue e-money?

All transactions are managed by Mango pay who are regulated by the FCA.

All client funds are segregated and administered by MangoPay within The House Crowd’s system and Mangopay itself is regulated separately by the EC (European Commission). As such, the FCA compliance within which we work at The House Crowd, combined with the regulations under which MangoPay is regulated, equates to a double dose of regulatory rigour!
In the event that the target sum for a property is not raised, all deposited sums are returned directly to the investor.
In terms of fraud prevention, MangoPay has a few set rules:
Firstly, no more than 10 transactions are permitted to be performed with the same card within a 24 hour period. After this number, no further transactions will be accepted.
Secondly, MangoPay refuses payments from blacklisted countries. These blacklisted countries are ones which are considered to have insufficient measures in place to combat both money laundering and the financing of terrorism.
Thirdly, MangoPay refuses all transactions that do not benefit from liability shift (applies only to payments in Euros). Transactions must pass MangoPay’s 3D Secure Authentication procedure.
FCA Compliance
MangoPay do have a reciprocal relationship with the FCA, with every financial regulator within the EEA, and have passported their licence. All data is held in a secure data centre called EBRC in Luxembourg, in accordance with very stringent data protection laws. Funds are acquired in the UK, via Barclays and each day said funds are settled in a segregated client account, held in trust at ING Luxembourg, which means the funds are 100% guaranteed, unlike the FSCS which only guarantees £75k.

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